Style Influencer #4 - Honestly Kate

Style Influencer #4 - Honestly Kate

Honestly Kate is a jack of all trades, an actress, writer and a devoted fashion enthusiast.  We adore her style and love that she lives in COLOR!  Aesthetically, we are drawn into her blog and can't help but stare at her photos. She is beauty and brains, using her platform to not only share her impeccable fashion sense, but also share advice, empowerment, and "honesty" to all of her readers. Not afraid to be bold, or mix patterns, Kate is just the kind of gal that we love to follow. Something tells us that when you're around her, you can't help but smile! How could you not?!

This big apple blogger is all about girl power and collaboration over competition, something we both admire and totally agree with! Although her claim to fame is living in color, Kate loves to mix high end designers with thrift store finds. It's all about balance, ladies! Be sure to follow her Instagram if you're wanting to live a little more in color!



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