Style Influencer #1 - The Stone File

Style Influencer #1 - Taylor Stone of The Stone File

Wow! What a year! We have enjoyed counting down to the New Year with you, sharing our Top 10 Style Influencers for 2018.  We're so excited to announce our top style influencer, Taylor Stone of The Stone File. It's no surprise this southern cutie is at the top of our list.  She's not only ahead of the game when it comes to trends and new styles, but she's seriously the sweetest.  She's down to earth and she's real. Total girl's girl and we love that!

 Taylor isn't afraid of anything... stripes, abstract prints, bold silhouettes, you name it.... in the realm of fashion, there are no boundaries. Lucky for us, Taylor visits us when she comes to Jacksonville and we have so much fun styling looks together with her and just gabbing over all things fashion.  One of the things we admire about Taylor's work is that she seems to always pair her OOTD with the most perfect back drops.  Always in and around her neighborhood she finds the most quaint spaces to capture her look.  Taylor's style is unique and we love that she lives in color and isn't afraid to mix and match.

As the New Year kicks off, we're anxious to follow along and see all of our style influencers grow in 2018.  We can't wait to see what trends they give a test ride and which ones they steer clear of.  Be sure to check back in with us here, as we will be highlighting more looks from our Top 10 throughout the year.  This is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and embrace new trends.  What will you be trying different in the year ahead?



Style Influencer #2 - Tales of Endearment

Style Influencer #2 - Natalie Joos of Tales of Endearment

 Writer, photographer, casting agent and now street style queen! Natalie Joos, Belgium-born, most recently relocated from the Big Apple to the city of angels. She's photographed on the streets more than the models she casts for international magazines and advertising campaigns. She started her blog a couple years ago and she describes it as "stories about love, friends, vintage, music and life" [click here to check it out]. We found her while scrolling through the IG and her posts are not only eye-catching but they also convey this we want to grab a bottle of wine and chill with this girl vibe.  Originality points for sure! There's something modern about her draw to vintage styles and she's got a knack for reinventing a look. 

We could go on for days, but seriously go get lost in her blog and see for yourself! Expect the unexpected!




Style Influencer #3 - Everyday Pursuits

Style Influencer #3 - Ashley Torres of Everyday Pursuits

So we've been itching to feature this style influencer for the past couple of weeks now.  Ashley a former accountant, now style guru has evolved as a style influencer first having "Pursuit of Shoes" to now "Everyday Pursuits".  We love her blog because it's legit, real, and content we ACTUALLY want to talk about. Working for a well-recognized auditing firm then transitioning into the realm of fashion her accolades include working for HauteLook, Revolve and other social media agencies. She's got a resume to say the least!

She highlights everything from travel, work, budgeting, must have items, work-life balance, wedding planning, and real girl-talk topics a lot of young thirty-somethings are faced with countless times, "no I don't have baby fever" and how to live the single life (yes, while in a relationship).  She keeps it real and by real we mean no fluff! (and we LIKE that) Ashley strives to connect with you on a deeper level daily and beyond just highlighting her favorite pair of shoes.  Head over to her blog, Everyday Pursuits and check what all the fuss is about. We're hooked!




Style Influencer #4 - Honestly Kate

Style Influencer #4 - Honestly Kate

Honestly Kate is a jack of all trades, an actress, writer and a devoted fashion enthusiast.  We adore her style and love that she lives in COLOR!  Aesthetically, we are drawn into her blog and can't help but stare at her photos. She is beauty and brains, using her platform to not only share her impeccable fashion sense, but also share advice, empowerment, and "honesty" to all of her readers. Not afraid to be bold, or mix patterns, Kate is just the kind of gal that we love to follow. Something tells us that when you're around her, you can't help but smile! How could you not?!

This big apple blogger is all about girl power and collaboration over competition, something we both admire and totally agree with! Although her claim to fame is living in color, Kate loves to mix high end designers with thrift store finds. It's all about balance, ladies! Be sure to follow her Instagram if you're wanting to live a little more in color!




Style Influencer #5 - Officially Quigley

Style Influencer: #6 Officially Quigley

Quigley (Casey Carlson) embodies all the cool girl vibes we dream of! She's certainly got a knack for creating visual content that's unique and different from most style influencers.  With a pop of lip color, her laid back looks are taken to a whole new level. Her ombre hair, ability to wear a hat of any style, and background for her images make us want to be right there with her!  She's grown from 2k followers to over 25k followers within a year on Instagram, her blog is easy on the eye too.

Hardly, a cookie cutter style influencer, Quigley has cultivated a branding of her own that is unique and mixes modern with a little vintage.  You can find her all over the outskirts of L.A. exploring flea markets for one of a kind finds. We like that she actually takes the time to research and plan when coordinating her styled shoots.  There's a lot of undivided attention that goes into making her shots come to life.  And if you don't envy her already, she's a true workaholic, not afraid to do a favor because every opportunity for the next "big thing" starts somewhere!  She's an inspiration to those considering joining the industry and that's the kind of ju ju we like to center ourselves around as well.

And if you're still just dying to know, her go to lipstick is MAC matte in lady danger, chili, ruby woo or smoked purple.  (your welcome!)




Style Influencer #6 - MOMOCHROMATIC

Style Influencer #6 - Jennifer Doerr of MOMOCHROMATIC

Our next feature, MOMOCHROMATIC is actually one of our dearest friends.  Jennifer, a wife and mom is often seen brunching in the most chicest places in Houston or chasing her sweet little girl around Tiny's No. 5 while still managing to capture the prettiest coffee pictures (seriously!) We joke with her that she must spend a lot on coffee, but in all reality we're pretty sure "coffee is the new wine".  Not surprising at all this trendsetter is ahead of the game in fashion and even in what to sip! 

Jennifer's style is "monochromatic" (literally) and simple, yet elevated.  She always puts together looks that are polished, and aesthetically pleasing (trust us, her instagram verifies this). 

Another reason we follow MOMOCHROMATIC is that she showcases affordable styles with a splurge, whether it be an "IT" bag or the latest must have shoes.  Not every outfit has to be so pieced together and she always manages to achieve an effortless look without it being predictable.  We love that she has chosen to start her blog recently (amongst the countless ones) because she touches on topics of motherhood, life and fashion in one realm, which we find to be super relatable (especially for new moms). We're excited to see her grow in this industry and more importantly, we like seeing an influencer who doesn't conform and stays true to their style.
Fun Fact: Jennifer assisted us in the design and lay out for our website and blog at the beginning of our adventure with AshleGryre.  



Style Influencer #7 - West Village Wasp

Style Influencer #7 - Leckie Roberts of West Village Wasp

Leckie is a larger than life personality and she keeps us wanting more of whatever kool aid she's drinking!  A fashion design graduate, she's styled everyone from Donald Trump to Katy Perry. Her past experience includes working for Marie Claire Magazine, Carolina Herrera, and Marchesa. And her modern day "Great Gatsby" vibe has us itching to throw on a sequin frock and a bold lip and hit the town for cocktails and gabbin' with the ladies. Following her instagram, we find inspiration in all the color she incorporates and girlfran is not afraid of wearing a turban or oversized sunnies.  She currently resides in Manhattan, but is originally from the south.  Her IG game is strong and by strong we mean so quick witted and dripping with originality. Something that's hard to come by in a world of growing "bloggers".

Be sure to pop over to West Village Wasp to catch up with a true girl's girl. We're secretly hoping we bump into her on our next NYC adventure!

fun facts about Leckie: 1) She made her first hole in one at age twelve 2) She played on the high school golf team 3) She played on her college's golf team 4) Her golf game has since gone down hill from there!