Style Influencer #5 - Officially Quigley

Style Influencer: #6 Officially Quigley

Quigley (Casey Carlson) embodies all the cool girl vibes we dream of! She's certainly got a knack for creating visual content that's unique and different from most style influencers.  With a pop of lip color, her laid back looks are taken to a whole new level. Her ombre hair, ability to wear a hat of any style, and background for her images make us want to be right there with her!  She's grown from 2k followers to over 25k followers within a year on Instagram, her blog is easy on the eye too.

Hardly, a cookie cutter style influencer, Quigley has cultivated a branding of her own that is unique and mixes modern with a little vintage.  You can find her all over the outskirts of L.A. exploring flea markets for one of a kind finds. We like that she actually takes the time to research and plan when coordinating her styled shoots.  There's a lot of undivided attention that goes into making her shots come to life.  And if you don't envy her already, she's a true workaholic, not afraid to do a favor because every opportunity for the next "big thing" starts somewhere!  She's an inspiration to those considering joining the industry and that's the kind of ju ju we like to center ourselves around as well.

And if you're still just dying to know, her go to lipstick is MAC matte in lady danger, chili, ruby woo or smoked purple.  (your welcome!)



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