Style Influencer #3 - Everyday Pursuits

Style Influencer #3 - Ashley Torres of Everyday Pursuits

So we've been itching to feature this style influencer for the past couple of weeks now.  Ashley a former accountant, now style guru has evolved as a style influencer first having "Pursuit of Shoes" to now "Everyday Pursuits".  We love her blog because it's legit, real, and content we ACTUALLY want to talk about. Working for a well-recognized auditing firm then transitioning into the realm of fashion her accolades include working for HauteLook, Revolve and other social media agencies. She's got a resume to say the least!

She highlights everything from travel, work, budgeting, must have items, work-life balance, wedding planning, and real girl-talk topics a lot of young thirty-somethings are faced with countless times, "no I don't have baby fever" and how to live the single life (yes, while in a relationship).  She keeps it real and by real we mean no fluff! (and we LIKE that) Ashley strives to connect with you on a deeper level daily and beyond just highlighting her favorite pair of shoes.  Head over to her blog, Everyday Pursuits and check what all the fuss is about. We're hooked!



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