Bangled Up Paris

Bangles and accessories done the french way!

It's been a long time coming, but we've had our eyes peeled for a couple years now seeking out the perfect enamel and ornate bangle.  Having a longtime love for Hermes' coveted collections, we really wanted to find something that married a story, luxury and affordability altogether.  When Robin discovered, the brand she was in awe (and naturally doing back flips)! The craftsmanship behind the designs gives you a sense that you are wearing a truly special piece that isn't just another number on a production line. The marketing and imagery Bangle Up provides is above par and we're ecstatic to bring this line exclusively to AshleGryre as the first United States distributor.  Arriving just in time for Mother's Day, be sure to pop in and view this beautiful collection.  Start your stack and tell a story! 

Bangle Up is a happy brand, deliberately created outside the confines of trends, and whose lofty mission is to liberate the body, heart and soul.

Behind the brand is 28 years old Kevin Hiridjee, a true Parisian and passionate traveler with roots going back to India, where his inspiration lies. His mother, Shama, and his aunt, Loumia Hiridjee created the international lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam. His desire to embellish women stems from his family’s legacy; Bangle Up is a tribute to their creative spirit, a mix of Parisian chic and Indian flair, a joyous creation conjured up by his vision of how they might have wanted the brand to be.

Double origins, Paris-Bombay, femininity, creativity and Good Karma… Bangle up wears its values on its sleeves and is happy to create within their boundaries. It tells a story, women’s stories. Its bollychic world, tinged in gold, shuns ostentation in favor of sensitivity and poetry, giving the brand its hint of Orientalism. The sophisticated, urban look, lends it free style to the woman who adopts it, allowing her to pick between minimalist discretion and exuberant profusion, her cuffs and bracelets offering her an endless choice of looks to play with.

For all its playful attitude towards design, Kevin likes to think that he belongs to a generation working hard to shake up the established codes – creating companies where life is good, where products have a sense of purpose and meaning beyond their shimmers and glitz. Affordable luxury on a mission.

It takes 6 months to create a collection, from the very first sketches to the final products. The fabrication of each bracelet is a very meticulous task, taking up to 5 hours, with many hands contribution to the process. A true labor of love like only fine artisanship is capable of producing... The bracelets are soaked in gold and then decorated with enamel.  The prints and colors are exclusive to the brand.

Located in the heart of Paris, in a typically Parisian cobbled alley a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint Martin, bangle up’s “atelier” is a breath of fresh air in the urban jungle, just like our jewels are little lucky charms.


[content provided by www.divanoor.com; images provided by Bangled Up Paris]

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