Spooky Szn..... 

because we need a few tricks & treats to distract us from all the craziness in the world right now! Ashely has been working on some fun DIY crafts at home to keep Halloween decor simple, fun, and budget-friendly. She's excited to share with you how a little spray paint and acrylic paint can go a long way! Also, our little "customer service" rep, Aniston was due for a new trick-or-treat bag so Ash got a little creative with her "Boo" bag treats and wanted to link what's included to help our followers with creative ideas for their littles. And last but not least, as a way to incorporate a little education into the holiday, Ashely came up with a clever way to make reading fun and get our family and friends involved with encouraging Aniston to explore her imagination and get those "homework" minutes in with some book time.

First up.... the Dollar Store and Michael's proved to be a major money saver for minimal and simple decor. Warning, at first sight nothing seems magical or pretty, but with a little DIY potion you can whip up so many things to decorate around the house without spending an arm and a leg. If you are an avid 'gramer than you likely have seen many of the bloggers who share their exquisite holiday ideas and decor so while Ash would love to take credit she owes all the kudos to some really amazing mamas out there who do holidays and do them BIG! Ash took some ideas and simply put her personal touch on them.

Between both crafts stores Ashely purchased several miniature pumpkins and acrylic paint to create an ombre rainbow effect and used a fruit stand she already owned to display them on her kitchen island. The trick was selecting a color palette whether it be true ROYGBIV vibes or a pastel approach, either makes for a bright eye-catching display for family and guests gathering around the kitchen island.  Ashely at first thought she wanted the whole fireplace mantel approach but realized she was short on time (like most of us mamas) so she opted for the smaller scale project which will be easier to store for future holidays. Also, thanks to one of her teacher-mama friends she used matte and gloss finish clear spray paint to seal the pumpkins so their color will last and hold for years to come. She utilized a mixture of gloss and matte to mix up the textures. Aniston has already spent a few afternoons enjoying snacks at the kitchen counter while playing with the pumpkins and practicing math, so win win, right?!

The Dollar Store was her go to for mini skull heads and skeleton garland and a wooden haunted house and plastic bat rings. Michael's had the larger skull heads and all for $1-$3. Using an assortment of a wild rose, coral, and hot pink spray paint she gave these skull heads and skeletons a face lift with a couple of coats. The garland was attached to a twine, so she simply cut the rope off prior to getting to work. The skull heads are great for placing in a clear glass vase or bowl. Ashely used an old Tory Burch candle holder to stack hers in and add to her stand behind her couch. The mini skeletons are the perfect size for displaying around the house whether you place on a chest/book case or book wall shelves. Ash also threw one of the spray painted skeletons into Aniston's teacher's "boo" basket (will touch on at the end of this post). Ash placed the larger skull heads on a brass wire shelf in the playroom. The wooden haunted house was painted white and Ashely cut the rings off of the bats and hot glued them to the house.  In addition to placing the letter board on the book shelves she added the now "white" haunted house to create some contrast against the statement black wall. 

Using the same spray paint for the skulls and skeletons, Ashely utilized an old plain star paper garland she purchased from Amazon years ago for hosting a shower and gave it a little ombre whirl.  Ashely decided to switch up Aniston's book wall in her playroom for Halloween to include all things spooky and goofy for the creepy season. Family and friends love to give "happy's" as we call them to the littles so Ash decided to create an Amazon List with some book options/ideas to share with family and close friends in the event they wanted to send a "happy" for Aniston this year, they could simply shop from their phone and gift something that she can read. Ash is a sucker for books, for both herself and Aniston! They are educational, insightful, provoke major creativity and double as decor (another win win). Aniston has had so much fun opening packages daily with a new book to add to her wall. So back to the book wall.... while adding the Halloween themed books, Ash included the mini skeletons and the sign board she already had to add another element of decor to the wall.  The star garland was cut into two sections to create two rows and she simply used tape to keep it in place.

More amazing Amazon options include the 3-D black bats, butterflies or a pack of a dozen witch hats that you hang from the ceiling in a stairwell, entry way or room for celebrating the holiday. Ash opted for black butterflies this year (last year we did bats) and utilized her dining room as the focal point for all the haunted vibes. She has the Pinterest-famous IKEA black and white rug so she thought this made for the perfect entertaining space for the holiday. Using fishing line and command adhesives she hung the black witch hats from a variety of heights.  The black butterflies run along her floor length mirror (great for spooky selfies) and utilizing what has been Aniston's Christmas tree for past few years, she decided to finally make use of it for Halloween and give it a little flair. 

Ashely and Aniston are so excited to HOST some friends and their littles over this month and make the most of enjoying a mini celebration at HOME. Summer was busy with being on the go, so doing more small intimate gatherings between now and Christmas is right up all of our alleys (costumes not required). These DIY activities were fun for Aniston to help mom out and she was able to give her creative design input when it came to placement of all the skeletons. 


As a simple "treat" for her teacher this year, Ashely hit up the Dollar Store for cute mummy bucket (they have a variety of styles). Target was her one-shop stop for all the fillings except for one extra visit to Starbucks to top off the package. She filled the bucket with $1 box sweet treats, $1 "Boo" socks, a crazy straw and then added a few of the refillable colored plastic coffee cups from Starbucks and a gift card. The cups are on sale now at Starbucks in a pack of 6, so we kept 4 for our home and picked out two fun colors to add to her teachers bucket. One of the DIY skeletons also made the basket. Ash spent about $20 total to create this "happy" and small token of appreciation to bring a little spooky fun to her teacher during this Halloween.

Okay...so the real fun was putting together A's surprise "Boo" bag. She's never had one and Ash can't promise this will be an annual thing, but she decided to switch things up this year. We love the black and white color combo with pops of pastel and ombre pinks and oranges to keep the basket girly and cheerful.

Ash incorporated the following into the occasion basket! {Ash will share photo later this week, waiting on a few more items to arrive! Check back later in the week to see it.}

{Meri Meri pastel temporary tattoos, adorable Lule Bloom "Boo"  (sold out, but also love this ghost one that they carry) and Meri Meri "Bat" hair clips, a pastel skulls bow clipNailmatic glittery nail polish, a pair Hanna Andersson of black and white ghost pajamas (because Ash loves black and white, shocker!), another book to add to her book wall, a white skeleton flashlight for trick or treating, some homemade beaded bracelets, a Highlights Hidden Halloween activity, the cutest Jellycat stuffy ever. Of course the jelly retro basket, ghost personalized "Boo" tag and Halloween felt banner are all from creative talents on Etsy}

We would love to hear what some of your favorite Halloween traditions are! Drop us a comment below or message us on Instagram.  We would love to know some of your go to's for decorating or making the season a little more fun and spooky!



Labor Day Weekend

As we approach what feels like an "endless summer"  we're itching to cap off summer with a bang! Sure maybe our excuses to "dress up" have been limited but we're determined to make the most of the Labor Day weekend and who knows maybe kick some things off of our bucket list even if they are simple in being.  The long weekend calls for making the most of simplicity so whether at home or on a small weekend getaway we hope you'll consider adding some of the following ideas into your Labor Day celebrations.       

image courtesy of Pinterest


 Last minute bucket list: simple pleasures, even if they aren't Pinterest-perfect!

1. Get on the water, whether by boat, kayak or canoe, or even your inflatable ring! Enjoy some vitamin D and exploring nearby sites.

2. Plan a picnic with friends or family. Don't just call in to-go, take the time to prep a basket with all the essentials and really unplug. 

3. Get messy! Make it a day with the family and add the hoopla you can: water guns, sprinklers, slip 'n slide in your own front yard. It's okay to be a "big kid" this weekend.

4. Schedule a Zoom happy hour with a distant friend and just add a chilled glass of your favorite summer water!

5. Sleep in, I know that sounds wild and crazy but even with all the chaos of the world right now somehow we still feel like we are going a mile a minute whether with work or being at home so we highly encourage you to give yourself the self-care you need.

6. Wear all the dresses and we mean it! You've been hoarding your pretty, feminine and flirty frocks right? Because you've had no where to go, no where to be... Well this is it ladies, switch it up all weekend long. Going to brunch put on a dress! Cooking at home with family? Turn up Alexa and throw on another dress....you catch our drift. Don't be afraid to afraid to mix up your wardrobe (even if it requires multiple changes).

7. Try a new cocktail! a "honey deuce" please - 1.5 oz Grey Goose vodka, 3 oz fresh lemonade, 1/2 oz. premium raspberry liqueur, 3 honeydew melon balls for garnish; combine all ingredients in a chilled Collins glass and stir to combine. Garnish with a skewer of frozen honeydew melon balls.

8. Play "tourist" in your own city. map out places to eat, visit, or shop that maybe you haven't seen yet. 

9. Stay up to watch the sunrise! counter intuitive to bucket list item #5, but so worth it...  

10. Surf the net, sift through fashion magazines, swipe through insta-stories and decide on 2 fashion trends that you commit to trying for fall/winter 2020. Document it for proof!

We're looking forward to all the things fall has to bring!

Have a safe & happy holiday weekend!



Friday FIVE

Sip, sip, Hooray:
Apple-Tini... light on the apple and heavy on the Tini - at Queens Harbour Yacht & Country club... they know my name! 

you can find us dining out:
Town Hearth uptown Dallas - but closer to home is a toss up!  Standouts for sure Azurea, Doro, Mezza and Ocean60

but beauty, first:
I'm loving this ginger based under eye cream - Santa left in the holiday stocking.  

current events on the reg:
 Hands down dockside whenever there is time to jump aboard the KnotDrs. 

outfit on repeat:
 Completely obsessed with my Distressed Star sweater from Wildfox!  I have collection... Stars, mermaids and a lobster!

Ashely's FIVE:
Sip, sip, Hooray:
bellini in the a.m.,  a martini in the evenings.... x make it dirty
you can find us dining out:
diggin' on Town Hall (in town) lately, but really loving PVFC bar-side closer to home!

but beauty, first:
belif moisture eye bomb cream, swear by it 24/7 and daily biotin and multivitamin supplements

current events on the reg:
happy hour on the intracoastal, ballet and donuts for the little on saturday

outfit on repeat:
button fly skinnies, tee and a blazer.... top knot and statements (earrings)



what we're eyeing & buying for SPRING

We've never been one to shy from BOLD looks or STAND OUT styles in dresses, accessories and bags.  BUT this season, we're taking on the playful side of things and softening our wardrobe with pieces that can go from sophisticated to street style fierce.  As we anxiously await warmer days with brighter sun we are building our wardrobe one piece at a time with a whimsical and minimalist approach. 

Less is MORE: 

  • Think mini mini bags!
  • Selecting ONE standout accessory versus head to toe earrings, necklace and bracelets...
  • Choosing softer color palettes
  • Adding the unexpected POP in color or structure
  • Simple silhouettes paired with a tailored jacket
  • Subtle approach with earth tones
  • natural woven details: bags, earrings, etc.
  • detail in sleeve whether smocking, puff, ruching
  • monochromatic top/bottom w/statement piece
  • pastel sequins, rainbow sequins
  • mini headbands
  • thin neck scarves that are subtle in tone or bold and carry the entire look
  • practical sandals (you need to be able to walk for more than 3 hours!)
  • feminine.... ALWAYS

Reinventing your wardrobe can be so fun!  Carefully invest in styles you truly LOVE this season and pull pieces you already own and cherish to create multiple looks for all of your activities you've piled on the calendar this season.

Some of Robin's must haves for SS19 include:
  • basket bag: straw, wicker, rattan, you name it!
  • animal print sandals, easy to wear and neutral
  • smocked sleeve details in billowy tops
  • high-waisted flares in optic white
Some of Ashely's must haves for SS19 include:
  • structured blazers
  • tiered maxi dresses
  • mini bags
  • bodycon that is flattering 
  • rainbow colorway accessories to brighten all white ensembles



The Big TEN for the next Season!

If you survived Winter 2019 and stumbled upon this page then you're already off to a good start!
Blistering freezes and flurries are soon to be a thing of the past as we itch closer to scorcher temps (something we're much more comfortable with here in the south) and more skin-baring ensembles. So while there's still a bit of a chill in the air and indecision in temps visions of summer fashion are often merrily dancing in our heads!  Here's what to be on the lookout for in the season ahead:

1. Sensible Shorts

2. Oversized Hats

3. Tie Dye

4. Fancy Flats

5. Ruching & Pleats

6. (more) Neon

7. (& even more) Fringe

8.  Structure and accentuated Sleeves

9.  Rain-friendly outerwear

10. (and quite possibly our favorite annually) Sequins

So while you're taking a moment to "self" on the job to ponder upcoming travels or soiree's what looks do you dare to don in the upcoming weeks?  Are you playing it safe and adding a punch of fun with a bold accessory or are you going all out and dabbling in the Big TEN for a fashion shake up in your wardrobe?



AshleGryre Bridal

 AshleGryre Bridal

 AshleGryre is a lover of all seasons, but we're probably most fond of "wedding season".  There's something special about the process in selecting your wedding style whether as a bride, bridesmaid or guest.  The excitement surrounding the couple being celebrated and the romance of their chosen venue always paints a story and when our clients come in for a styling session we discuss these key areas in hopes that we can outfit a look that compliments the bride and groom's vision for their special day.  

We have had the pleasure of styling bridal parties and brides over the years and we always love working with the brides to help make their experience personalized and unique.
We are excited to be partnering with 2 designers, in store to offer you a boutique experience when shopping for your bridal party.  Our goal is to make the selection and try on process seamless, fun, and memorable!  Both designers, have a variety of soft, feminine styles that can be mixed and matched for a truly customized palette. 

 There's a lot that goes in the planning process and our goal is to eliminate any stress, while providing a pleasurable experience for both the bride and her bridal party. From selecting the styles, silhouettes and colorways that compliment each person's taste and figure.
"When looking for a bridesmaids dresses, I wanted to find something unique, versatile and fitting for the style of the wedding and time of year.  I gave Ashely this general idea, and she came back with the most perfect stylish piece. My bridesmaids were from all over the United States.  Ashlegryre made it so easy for the girls to communicate sizes, payment, shipping and answer any questions.  Her communication with me was amazing and required no work on my end.  One of the easiest tasks I had during the preparation. I couldn't have thanked them more!" -Ty De La Grana, Bride

"I would highly recommended AshleGryre for bridesmaid dresses! Being out of town, I wasn’t able to come in store to try on a dress. Ashely and Robin were able to provide detailed sizing information as well as recommend which size they believed would work best based on their knowledge of the brand. The dress was shipped to me and fit perfectly. They also recommended shoes and accessories to pair with the dresses, which made styling our looks the day of the wedding super easy. Their personalized service made the process fun and hassle free!" 
- Jennifer Doerr, Matron of Honor

"I was so excited to begin the wedding planning process and at first glance it all seemed like it would be a piece of cake, but little did I know so much goes into the details and planning behind the scenes to make your day the most magical.  I knew it was going to be a lot and while my fiance and I both had full time jobs and our families helping us plan were doing so from afar, I decided I would enlist one of my best friends to help me customize my bridal party's attire.  Her one on one communication to help each of my bridesmaids find the right size in our dress we chose took the stress off of me.  Everything came together seamlessly!" - Kelli Miller, Bride
We are excited to offer this special service to you and look forward to working with you and making your most important day, an exquisite one!  AshleGryre is happy to schedule your complimentary consultation to review our bridal collection and ordering process.   



Bangled Up Paris

Bangles and accessories done the french way!

It's been a long time coming, but we've had our eyes peeled for a couple years now seeking out the perfect enamel and ornate bangle.  Having a longtime love for Hermes' coveted collections, we really wanted to find something that married a story, luxury and affordability altogether.  When Robin discovered, the brand she was in awe (and naturally doing back flips)! The craftsmanship behind the designs gives you a sense that you are wearing a truly special piece that isn't just another number on a production line. The marketing and imagery Bangle Up provides is above par and we're ecstatic to bring this line exclusively to AshleGryre as the first United States distributor.  Arriving just in time for Mother's Day, be sure to pop in and view this beautiful collection.  Start your stack and tell a story! 

Bangle Up is a happy brand, deliberately created outside the confines of trends, and whose lofty mission is to liberate the body, heart and soul.

Behind the brand is 28 years old Kevin Hiridjee, a true Parisian and passionate traveler with roots going back to India, where his inspiration lies. His mother, Shama, and his aunt, Loumia Hiridjee created the international lingerie brand Princesse Tam Tam. His desire to embellish women stems from his family’s legacy; Bangle Up is a tribute to their creative spirit, a mix of Parisian chic and Indian flair, a joyous creation conjured up by his vision of how they might have wanted the brand to be.

Double origins, Paris-Bombay, femininity, creativity and Good Karma… Bangle up wears its values on its sleeves and is happy to create within their boundaries. It tells a story, women’s stories. Its bollychic world, tinged in gold, shuns ostentation in favor of sensitivity and poetry, giving the brand its hint of Orientalism. The sophisticated, urban look, lends it free style to the woman who adopts it, allowing her to pick between minimalist discretion and exuberant profusion, her cuffs and bracelets offering her an endless choice of looks to play with.

For all its playful attitude towards design, Kevin likes to think that he belongs to a generation working hard to shake up the established codes – creating companies where life is good, where products have a sense of purpose and meaning beyond their shimmers and glitz. Affordable luxury on a mission.

It takes 6 months to create a collection, from the very first sketches to the final products. The fabrication of each bracelet is a very meticulous task, taking up to 5 hours, with many hands contribution to the process. A true labor of love like only fine artisanship is capable of producing... The bracelets are soaked in gold and then decorated with enamel.  The prints and colors are exclusive to the brand.

Located in the heart of Paris, in a typically Parisian cobbled alley a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint Martin, bangle up’s “atelier” is a breath of fresh air in the urban jungle, just like our jewels are little lucky charms.


[content provided by www.divanoor.com; images provided by Bangled Up Paris]