pre falling.

Pre-Fall Trending

Yes...the sun is out, the heat is sweltering and the end of summer is no where near in sight, BUT we've already got football, weekends on the farm, breezy beach cruising afternoons and the crisp fall air on our minds [you ready for it, yet?].  While there's still weeks [months...sigh...] to go of our sunny summer we're already stocking up on amazing summer-to-fall essentials that make the W&W [wardrobe & weather] transition easy and effortless.  

Let's face it... in the south we tend to lean towards relaxed styles for an everyday look and we're excited to introduce pieces that are versatile and favor a no-fuss, effortless, and classic girl next door look.  So what's trending? Fatigues. Leopard prints. Linen. Heels. [with more height!] and of course a good nail party!  We're excited to introduce some fun colors to you later in the season. [our cardinal rule...manis are a must.]

We've got some great selections coming in from trusted brands including: Sanctuary, Erin Kleinberg, West & Main, Rebecca Minkoff, Calypso St. Barth, The Odells, Rachel Zoe and more.  The closet is continually evolving!

"Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite." - Karl Lagerfeld


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