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The distressed denim trend lives on and designers are more daring as they showcase their unique variations in their latest renditions.  Earlier this summer our eyes were caught by Each x Other's Ruiz Stephenson Destroyed Jeans.  The edgy appeal of these slit skinnies from mid-thigh down to the ankle prove that the designer really does bring art to fashion.  Hand-detailed and crafted in Europe each design from his collection is brought to light by multiple visual artists.  So after many weeks of drooling at this pair we decided why not take a pair of our own and put our DIY skills to work... and so we did.  With a few simple tools and an hour to spare we carefully measured, stenciled, and cut slits to recreate the inspired look with cool relaxed shreds.  After about an hour's prep we simply threw the denim in the washer and dryer to let the spin cycle really do the work!

While lusting after this nearly $500 pair for several months we decided that even after a mark-down to what would still be a steep full price purchase for most why not brave it and attempt to create the look for less [pat on back from the hubs].  We took a few pics of our distressing process with notes below for you to follow.  Snag an old pair or come grab a pair of our white skinnies (now on super sale!) and get shredding!

round up the tools:
measuring tape
pencil /or fabric pencil
razor blade (in our case, we used a box cutter we had handy)
cardboard (not pictured)

To recreate the look of our inspiration pair we measured half-way down the thigh to mark our start (try pair on to do this step); from here we marked a spot at each inch until the ankle or wherever you prefer the slits to end (our pair has 22 slits, Each x Other's pair has about 30). Ashely is only 5'3'' and most jeans are too long on her so she opted to cuff the ankle and avoid cutting slits all the way down.
Place a piece of cardboard in the leg of the pant and use a sturdy surface to work under (suggestion: shoe box, work station, etc.)
Start shredding! Okay, so there's no magic trick to the direction you cut in or the amount of strokes you'll need to do, just start in the center and work your way out keeping your measurements in mind with each slit you move on to. As you get moving, you'll see that starting from top to bottom may be easier. Don't be too forceful with your strokes as you want to avoid cutting completely through the cardboard. Slide the cardboard down as you move down the pant leg to cut new slits. How wide you want your slits, is a personal preference.  We kept ours at about 5inches.  Keep in mind with each wear they will stretch a little.
With a pair fabric scissors, use them to cut smaller sections that are left in the slit after you've used the blade to cut majority of the slit. 
After repeating the same steps above to the other leg (keeping the other leg in mind for measurement match-ups), remove the cardboard and take the denim outside for a good "shake out" to remove any loose threads. All that's left to do is throw them in the washer (warm water) and dryer. And walah! You are all set and ready to rock your new threads!


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