Style Influencer #8 - Fashion Unfolded By Mandy

Style Influencer #8 - Mandy of Fashion Unfolded By Mandy

How cute is Mandy?  Dyingggg over her adorable pixie cut!  We are a huge fan of Mandy because she's taken her love of fashion and styling outfits and turned it into a full on wardrobe editing and styling business.  She offers a wide range of services and spends one on one time with each client to make sure they are organized and feel confident in their clothing.  We follow her instagram here, where she posts daily outfits she's wearing.  (Girl has killer boots, yall!)  She's got a knack for accessorizing to a tee, whether it's a belt, a brooch, or a statement jacket she doesn't miss a beat.  

So back to business.... she can literally do it all!  She consults with her clients on wardrobe planning for corporate events, personal travel, and even documents your wardrobe with a lookbook of your most coveted pieces for easy reference! We love the personalized services she offers and let's be real (all budgeting aside) who doesn't want a wardrobe consultant?!  Someone to guide you on those days you're not so sure about a specific ensemble.  Be sure to check out Fashion Unfolded By Mandy, and follow her day to day fashion on her Instagram!




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