Hat's On For Fall!

Greetings Lovelies!

To follow up on our fall 2016 trends blog, we've decided to build off of the trends with another post about a mandatory fall accessory, hats! We've gathered some tips from our stylists and have come up with a comprehensive list of why hats are a mandatory fashion accessory!


1. No one will ever know you’re having a bad hair day.
You can still look totally fabulous without having to style your hair whether your roots are grown out, your bangs are too short or anywhere in between.

2. It takes no effort.
Pair the hat with a pair of sunglasses and you not only avoid doing your hair, but your makeup as well. Win win, right?

3. You feel like a total fashion guru.
For some reason you just feel completely put together -- like you could conquer the world. The only thing that would make it better is a glass of champagne!


4.They keep your head warm!
Seriously, though. In the winter months it can get frigid. Basically, if you ever find yourself second guessing wearing the hat, WEAR IT.

 5. They are just totally and 100% fabulous.
Even ask our stylists!

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