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Black & White Halloween

Summer is finally fading away and cool crisp fall days are on the horizon! As we eagerly await the actual transition in weather, we can at least jump into the fall spirit and start basking in all the pumpkin spice lattes you can imagine. Now that the kids are getting settled into a back-to-school routine and the hubs and boyfriends are satisfied with the weekend game line-up from college to NFL, it's time for US to take some time out for the fun little joys in life.... holiday decor & soirees! 

What is it about decorating for the holidays that get's us all worked up?!
Now maybe your costume party days are past you, but that certainly doesn't mean you can't "dress up" your home so you and your family can enjoy the festivities all month or season long! Whether you're just hosting some friends over for a bonfire and a pot of chili or throwing an all out fall harvest dinner party with your DIY placecards and Coton Colors serveware, make use of gifted items or your Pinterest board ideas and give each holiday or season your special touch. 

This Halloween season we're inspired by the timeless black and white trend in fashion that never seems to lose its luster! From stripes to textured candies to pops of gold details, play up this trend with monochromatic pairings.  Feeling crafty? Swing by Homegoods or Hobby Lobby for birdcages that you can spray paint black. Place votive candles inside the lanterns and line your front porch or fireplace area with your bold new lanterns.  Shop local thrift stores for vintage game sets that double as entertainment and decor.  Change out your regular art prints for a modern graphic design print with an inspiration quote.  Holiday decor isn't about racking up the bill at the local big box stores, it's about finding inspiration and recreating your own story while being resourceful and creative all at the same time!

We'd love to hear from you! We welcome you to leave us some feedback and your thoughts on holiday decor in the comments. 


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