diy: distressed

Why splurge on crazy expensive distressed denim?

Okay...so we're the first to admit that in a crunch a new purchase sometimes far outweighs the amount of time or patience we have to get crafty at home. In this case we're a sucker for Wildfox's distressed styles because the fit is precise, the stretch is ahhhhh-mazing and the price tag is reasonable beyond compare [$150-180 range]. At AshleGryre we have a variety of styles and options that cater to your calendar of events year-round so be sure to stop in and visit our denim bar to pick up your pair!

NOW...for those rainy days you're feeling a little more adventurous snag your scissors and fave pair of broken-in denim and start distressing!

See our tips and tricks below for how to create your own "perfect pair"!

what you'll need:
sand paper block
fabric scissors

step 1:
With a chair handy, try on your denim in front of a mirror and take a seat to see where the largest hole on your knee will fall. With a pen or fabric marker make a small marking at the center of the knee where you want your holes to start. With the fabric scissors cut a thin hole centered across the knee.

step 2:
Use the sand paper block to fray the hole and to create more tears around the area. Use the block in opposite directions to create a variety of frays and an even distress. Don't be bashful....more pressure is best and makes for a great workout at the same time! Imperfect frays are the key to a perfect pair of distressed jeans so don't worry about both knees matching up exactly. To make your pair a little more unique add small holes in other areas as you wish. Don't be afraid to pull threads horizontally and do some ripping.

step 3:
Throw your pair of denim in the washer and dryer on your regular settings to set-in your distressed look. To establish the distressed look, we find it best to wear your denim a few times with a few wash cycles to really break them in!

We'd love to see your DIY denim so upload your pics to Instagram and be sure to tag us with #AshleGryreDIY


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